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Helical Geared Motors

  • By optimizing the performance features and strict quality control measures implemented during manufacturing and assembly of gearbox, the gearbox is designed.
  • All gears are made in case-hardened steel 20 MnCr5 - SAE8620 or equivalent material. They are subjected to case -hardening (58-62HRC), quenching and stress-relieving to give high quality profile ground gears. All gears are profile ground referred to DIN 3961 Class 6 accuracy for low noise and high efficiency.
  • Housing is made of high toughness cast iron FG 260 grade. Housing is rigid and mono block in design. Sturdy and robust housing gives the gearbox high tolerance to absorb high shock load.
  • Inspection surface hardness standard referred UNE 7-257-72, Alignment of shaft to output flange referred DIN 42955, Shaft seal tightness Test@1Kg/cm2, Noise level below the limit referred VDI 2159.
  • Largely proportioned ball bearing support on both side of the shaft assures precise alignment of gear and reduces vibrations and wear of the gears.
  • High quality sealing for improved leaking prevention.
  • Very high dynamic efficiency of 0.964 for two stage.
  • Silent and vibration free unit provide ability to operate in high input speed and intermittence.
  • All in -line helical gearbox are painted with epoxy primer & epoxy paint.
  • All units are suitable to fit with IEC standard motor.
  • The gear box is designed to absorb high external loads i.e. Axial and Radial loads.
  • All units are dimensionally interchangeable with other major gear box manufacturer.
  • Completely enclosed construction allows for installation in open air and hostile environment such as moisture, dusty, salty and Laden atmosphere.
  • Reducer are fitted with synthetic rubber oil seals and best quality ball bearings.
  • Direction of rotation of 0/P shaft may be clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW) as required.
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Helical Geared Motors

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